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We aim to develop Exceptional Residential and Commercial development of a community build around the Hadassah Health Park, offering Quality of Life, Security and Beautifully landscaped environment. With lively design and Unique Amenities, we aim to create a live-work-play lifestyle that is a growing priority for tenants. We respond with such design and amenities that will set this community apart from the rest.

PEP has signed a 20-year Lease Agreement with H.C. Management of Medical Center Plc ( MMC), the Tenant to construct and deliver five medical buildings as warm-shell, by 2024. The facilities include, a 266-room Inpatient Hospital, an Oncology Center, a 90-room Rehabilitation Center and two Outpatient buildings with 89 daycare positions.

Plaza Exclusive Features

The Health Park will be complemented by retail and F&B areas, plus 78 fully serviced Condo Hotel apartments for the patient’s family and 210 lifestyle apartments Moreover, the Project will be supported with a 910-car underground parking, bicycle routes, pedestrian walks, beautifully landscaped areas, a botanical garden, and water-features as centerpiece of the main piazza. Emphasis will be given to the landscape and full development of the River that stretches to over 1 kilometer

Hadassah Health Park

The centre-piece of the project is Hadassah Health Park (HHP), which will offer high quality integrated Healthcare to Local and International patients. Hadassah Health Park will satisfy the needs of regional medical tourists as well as the needs of the ever-increasing local demand for high quality Health Services.


  • The Hadassah Health Park will naturally attract residents such as young professionals who are involved with the healthcare services industry and lifelong health-enhancement enthusiasts wishing to reside near the HHP and enjoy the available medical and wellness facilities.
  • There are two types of residences: 210 lifestyle apartments for sale and 78 Condo Hotel Apartments for sale.
  • Potential buyers are either local permanent residents, and/or investors who wish to rent their apartments for a high yield. The Residences are developed in smart apartment complexes, constructed in a sustainable form, with the use of local and natural materials and offer a unique experience of peaceful and comfortable life in park-like environment.
  • This residential development will be a closed-community, managed by the Management Company that will offer services such as security, maintenance and cleaning of public areas.
  • It is important to stress the lack of organized and well managed Residences in Nicosia. In these challenging times more than ever the need to live & play in such beautiful surroundings is becoming more of a necessity.

Lifestyle Apartments

  • The project has 210 Apartments for sale accommodated in 7 buildings with total area of 22,793 m²
  • These apartments are located in the residential area, away from the medical buildings of HHP, in beautifully landscaped gated community.
  • The residence expected to purchase apartments in such area are young upwardly mobile professionals who are probably involved with the healthcare services industry, and lifelong health-enhancement enthusiasts wishing to use the facilities in the HHP.
  • All Residents will enjoy the full amenities provided in the project. The quality of life is guaranteed as the Commercial Part will make sure that the landscaped areas will always be beautifully maintained for the benefit of all.

Condo Hotel Apartments

  • Condo Hotel Apartments are fully serviced, fully furnished apartments of the highest standards in Furniture, Fittings & Equipment (FF&E) available for short-term or long-term stay.
  • They provide hotel-like amenities such as concierge, room service, cleaning, laundry and recreational areas such as gym and swimming pool.
  • The Condo Hotel building is in the commercial area of the HHP, adjacent to the piazza, the river and the green area, surrounded by shops and restaurants. It is expected to be delivered by Jan 2024 Potential Buyers could buy individual apartments or the whole building. Investors can easily secure up to 6% yield by leasing the apartments through the Management Company.

Commercial Area

  • The project has 2,355 m² in retail and F&B areas supported by a 910-spac underground parking.
  • The commercial area is designed to support the needs of the estimated 3000 visitors per day.
  • The commercial area will be concentrated around the main piazza with the green areas and the water features providing an oasis in the HHP.
  • Projected Tenants:
    • Main Hospital Restaurant & Cafeteria
    • Branded Coffee Shop
    • Convenience Store
    • Pharmacy
    • Flower-Shop
    • Gift Shop
    • Bakery
    • Confectionary
    • Kiosk/News Stand
    • 4 F&B establishments

Facilities / Services

  • Development of a local active community center with a running water river being an integrated part of it and native flora species dominating the landscape. The piazzas will be used not only as the heart of the Health Park but also as part of the fabric of this new community with many activities centered around the wellbeing. The overall development will be surrounded by a high tree-line that will provide natural shade.
  • It will also be surrounded by botanical gardens, parks, and man-made pond as the center piece on the main piazza as well as pedestrian and cycle routes.
  • HHP will aim for zero carbon strategy by achieving LEED Gold standard and safeguard for 1,000 parking places including a high number of priority electric charge places, infrastructure for local mass transportation and internal road system for flow optimization.
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