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Plaza Exclusive Projects

An exceptional residential and commercial development around the Hadassah Integrated Medical Campus.

PEP and its land-owning subsidiary have agreed to contribute the commercial part of the land with a total size of 53,320 m² for the development of the HHP. PEP has attracted major International investors to finance the construction of the project through debt and equity financing.

The landowner has secured preliminary approval by the Planning Department to proceed with the construction of all the necessary roads, pavements, pedestrian routes and green areas/parks, and is in the final stages to complete architectural plans by the end of May 2021, for immediate submission for planning permit.

Shareholder of Plaza Exclusive Projects

Shareholder of Plaza Exclusive Projects (P.E.P) Plc is Empire Capital Investment Public Ltd.

Empire Capital Investment Public Ltd was founded by a team of internationally established entrepreneurs in 1999, and has been in Business ever since. Seem that after the company listed in the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) and was successfully trading as an equity investment vehicle.

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